INABA -Tuna・Skipjack with salmon / Cá ngừ sọc dưa với Cá hồi cho mèo

Còn hàng
Ingredients Skipjack,Tuna,Salmon,yeast extract,dried bonito extract,Seaweed extract,Thickening agent,Vitamin E,Green tea extract
Type Jelly
Nutriton Facts Crude Protein10.0%Over、Crude Fat0.2%Over、Crude Fiber0.1%Under、Crude Ash2.0%Under、Moisture87.0%Under、Approx35kcal/袋
Content 60g
Retail prices a discretionary pricing.
Shelflife 2 years
Bar Code 4901133617904
CODE Number



Kin no Dashi Pouch Tuna・Skipjack with salmon

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